Monday, September 28, 2020

grocery shopping tips for getting back on track :)

is this even on? ok i wanted to offer some tips to my future self about how to grocery shop. 1. always have a huge thing of salad greens. 2. buy sauces. they spruce up anything: tahini, bitchin sauce, sir keningstons, aubergine, mayo, miso mayo, 3. buy those packages of rice, or rice and lentils, or grains and lentils, or barley and rice, to add to basic veg dishes 4. buy roasting veggies like cauliflower, mushrooms, capers, cans of beans, onions, sweet potatoes, plantains 5. if you have to buy suger, don't buy sugar with flour in it. the sugar is addicting, but the flour is a whole body fuckfest 6. white tortillas aren't as great as you think they are. do whole wheat or gluten free. or just eat a salad with a fork.

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